Advance Welding – ATS 500

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Product Description

The ATS500 is a fully automatic universal electrofusion welding unit, designed to join bar coded PE and PP pressure fittings in the range of 8V to 48V. It has been designed with safety and flexibility in mind, and its intuitive user interface allows data to be quickly and easily entered, uploaded and downloaded.

More details:
  • Operating Modes: Bar Code with Manual override
  • Controlled Welding Voltage: 8 – 48 Vac (39.5 Vac)
  • Welding Current: 1 – 80 Aac
  • Welding Time: 1 – 3600 seconds
  • Supply Voltage: 110 Vac (+/- 20%) 40 to 60 Hz, 230 Vac (+/- 20%) 40 to 60 Hz
  • Supply Current: 1 to 28 Aac (110 V), 1 to 14 Aac (230 V)
  • Supply Power: 3300W (peak)
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Size: 25 x 32 x 37 cm
  • Operating Temperature: -15 C to 50 C
  • Environmental Protection: IP65
  • Electrical Protection: Class 1
  • Data Log Memory: 2048 welds
  • Data Download: USB Memory
  • Supply Cable: 4m
  • Welding Cable: 3m

This unit is built for SAFETY. A strong lightweight metal housing protects it from physical damage and its IP65 rating makes it fully waterproof. Extra tough rubber cables protect against electric shock – Ideal for construction sites. A ‘Safety Isolating transformer’ and isolation relays make this unit fail-safe in all fault conditions, protecting the operator from danger. This unit exceeds the safety requirements of the international ISO standards.

This unit is built for SPEED. Clear information is shown on a bright four line display that can be read easily in all lighting conditions. A range of display languages are available to allow the unit to be used around the world. A tough alphanumeric keypad allow data to be inputted quickly and effortlessly, and Bar Code welding allows fitting information to be rapidly entered and logged.

This unit is built for RELIABILITY. It has been designed specifically for heavy-duty usage, where many fittings are welded each day. High quality components can repeatedly weld fittings up to 630mm diameter without long periods of downtime, and the ambient temperature is monitored to adjust the welding time ensuring a perfect weld each time.

This unit is built for FLEXIBILITY. Modes of operation can be customized, with data logging, extended traceability and Operator Welder Pass selectable. Store welds can be viewed in a selection of Microsoft Windows applications. Programmable service intervals can be set and software upgrades performed by a network of worldwide service agents. Many diagnostic options are available to ensure the equipment stays in perfect working order.