Widos CNC 3.5

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Product Description

Basic Machine with separating device for heating element, double clamping equipment, guided by two hydraulic cylinders, two connection hoses firmly fixed at the machine, with two quick-action couplings. The left-hand clamping tool can be easily removed by loosening 3 screws for welding at difficult sites (shaft, T-pieces etc). Including a attached displacement transducer.
CNC-control unit 3.5 (230V / 500W) with electro hydraulic, the two lined display is clearly readable and illuminated (temperature compensated from -10°C up to + 60°C). The welding process is controllable with two buttons, the welding parameters are entered manually with 4 buttons, and both processes are user-friendly.
The WIDOS CNC 3.5 has a travel controlled welding process with a continuous and automatic weld log recording (parameter nominal/ actual value comparison) inside the RAM memory. The memory capacity is around 500 weld logs which can be read out on any kind of printer over the parallel interface. The unit has a solid stainless steel frame and a wooden transport case.
Planer, with electric chain drive in a closed aluminum housing and external chip removal. With micro-switch against unintended operation and arresting lever.
Heating element nonstick-coated, with connection cable and special plug, control lamp for interval checking, the electronic temperature control in accordance with DVS 2208 is included in the control unit, to be connected with the control unit.
Heat protected box for the heating element and the planer.

Models Available:
  • WIDOS 4400 CNC 3.5 – OD 50mm to OD 160mm
  • WIDOS 4600 CNC 3.5 – OD 75mm to OD 250mm
  • WIDOS 4900 CNC 3.5 – OD 90mm to OD 315mm
  • WIDOS 5100 CNC 3.5 – OD 200mm to OD 450mm
  • WIDOS 5500 CNC 3.5 – OD 200mm to OD 500mm
  • WIDOS 6100 CNC 3.5 – OD 315mm to OD 630mm