Widos 4600

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Product Description

Heating element butt welding machine for pipes and fittings out of polyolefine from OD 75 to OD 250, for usage on building sites and in trenches. The machine has a double clamping device with quick clamping on the fixed and on the movable side guided by two hy- draulic cylinders. There are two flexible hoses with quick-action couplings for connection to the hydraulic control unit. The double clamping devices are screwed to the steel pipe frame. The outer fixed clamping device can be easily dismoun- ted by removing three screws for welding at difficulty accessible places, e.g. in trenches or at branches of T-pieces. The remaining unit of three rings can be re- moved from the frame for use for repair works.
The electric hydraulic unit for moving the right-hand clamping device and for the exact control of the welding forces has a pressure backup for supporting the welding force during cooling down and two quick-action couplings, as well as a digital pressure gauge for the exact indication of the pressure. The planer is suspended in the guide shafts, has a chain drive in a closed aluminium housing, a security microswitch with lock and an automatic external chip removal.
The heating element is suspended in the guide shafts, is nonstick-coated, and has an electronic temperature control with digital display, control lamps, an on/off- switch and a connecting cable with shockproof plug. The separating device prevents the heating element from sticking to the pipe after the heating process. For the heat-protected storage of the heating element and the planer, a recep- tion box is available.
 Smaller pipe dimensions can be clamped by means of reducer inserts depending on the pipe diameter. In addition, large and extra large reducer inserts or a com- bination of small, large and extra large inserts can be delivered. For the storage of the reducer inserts, optional transport cases can be supplied.
All components are covered by the WIDOS works warranty. 
The WIDOS 4600 welding machine can easily be equipped subsequently with the WIDOS SPA weld log recorder and can also be supplied in CNC-con- trolled version. The WIDOS 4600 has a voltage of 230 V. Other voltages on request. 
 Heating elements moving out automatically are available on request.